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Owner & Creative Director

Jane Zane, owner of Branding Butterfly

Jane Zane founded Branding Butterfly and has been creating commercial & communicative art for over 39 years, (19 years in Northern Arizona). She loves business strategy, drawing, sewing, hiking, photography & repairing historic photos, reading mystery novels, rescuing mutts, and most of all, working with her clients in Sedona & the Verde Valley.

"By human nature, we 'size up' someone by how they look, how they walk, what car they drive... It's the same for business - if we have nothing else to go by, we will 'size up' your business from the look of your brand, ads, signs, brochures, even how the name sounds or rolls off our tongue."

"I love helping individuals and businesses 'look good'. A strategically  designed piece of anything - print or digital, does the work for you... or at the very least, should empower your efforts exponentially. We have an obligation to convey the offerings that can benefit  our world, and to do it in a comprehensive, respectful and charming  manner. Creating communicative design that gets results, is my favorite obsession. 

I have been in the business of motivating customers  with the power of words and pictures, since I could write and draw.  My nature is visionary and entrepreneurial, my love is effective marketing and advertising design that motivates others to act.  

"My favorite part of the process is brainstorming and collaborating with others, and I have gleaned invaluable insights from my clients."

The potential of strategic and purposeful marketing/advertising is limitless. The purpose is to make your business stand out [be uniquely recognizable] AND make it memorable to both new and existing consumers [be branded in their minds]. The strategy is to design approaches that speak to your ideal buyer, which brings in higher revenues at lower costs. It’s about creating media  (print, digital, interactive) that motivates others to actively participate in your business, that is beneficial for them and lucrative  for you."

-Jane Zane, Owner

A Wide Range of Client Experience

Wide range of Clients in Sedona and the Verde Valley

Over the years, our clients have included large tourism entities in Arizona, plus business groups, doctors, dentists, construction, A/C companies, non-profits, schools, churches, retail shops and galleries, online marketing programs, real estate agencies, book and magazine publications.

Tips from the Masters


Learn more about successful business strategy, marketing and design. These individuals pioneered brilliant campaigns over the last century. Click on the names below to see their history, experience and famous quotes.

David Ogilvy, William Bermbach, Jef I. Richards, Peter Drucker, John O'Toole, Al Ries, Jack Trout 


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